Admission, Intensive Care and Operating Unit


Head of the Unit Dr. A.Ančupāns
Physician Consultant G.Rosļakovs
Phone: 67147291

Starting from 1996  Emergency services are available in NRC „ Vaivari”.  Physician, anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist and nurse’s  services are  provided 24- hours.

Admission and Emergency  Unit 

  1. In case the patient arrives in the Emergency and Admission Unit the physician evaluates the situation and the general health condition of the patient. Urgent emergency services are provided immediately  and are free of charge ( State paid service).
  2. In cases which do not meet the criteria of Emergency, the physician examines the patient, evaluates the  general health condition of the patient and gives  recommendations for the further   treatment, prescribes the medicine etc. This service is for charge and should be paid by the patient according to the confirmed „Price List”.