Information for patients


NRC ,,Vaivari’’ ” provides rehabilitation services  that can be paid by:

  • State budget ;
  • By the patient himself or any third party ( institution, organization, insurance company).

From the state budget the NRC „ Vaivari” can provide medical rehabilitation services : 

  • for patients with functional restrictions who have consulted the PRM doctor and  received the doctor’s  recommendation for the medical rehabilitation course in NRC „Vaivari” . The rehabilitation course can be provided as in-patient or out- patient one;
  • for patients who need the dynamic recording connected with any chronic functional restrictions after the  medical rehabilitation course has been received in NRC   “Vaivari”.

The PMR doctor:

  • prepares patient’s record  (form  Nr.027/u);
  • contacts the required ( according to the diagnosis) medical rehabilitation programme  specialist in  NRC „Vaivari”  and gives information about the patient who needs the rehabilitation course:
    • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Programme    67147287
    • SCI Rehabilitation Programme                     67147294
    • Adult Internal Rehabilitation Programme  67147294
    • Neurorehabilitation Programme                 67147269
    • Child Internal Rehabilitation Programme  67147290

The programme specialist :

  • registers the patient on the waiting list;
  • contacts the patient on the phone and informs about the date when the patient has to arrive in the NRC “Vaivari”  to receive  the rehabilitation course.

The necessary documents when admitted in the  "NRC Vaivari":

  • Copy of Patient’s record ( form Nr.027/u);
  • passport;
  • in case the rehabilitation services are covered by a third party a letter of guarantee from the institution/organization;
  • In case the patient is released from the patient’s fee by the Law, the necessary certificate is required. 

Rehabilitation services that are paid by the patient himself or any third party (institution, organization, insurance company). 
In case the patient does not meet the criteria stated by the Cabinet and cannot receive the state budget paid medical rehabilitation services you can get these services by covering the expenses yourself or any third party ( institution, organization, insurance) in compliance with NRC „ Vaivari” price list for rehabilitation services.
How to apply
To receive the self paid medical treatment services the patient( his/ her physician or relative) has to contact the administrator of the Rehabilitation Programme that is related to the patients diagnosis by phone and agree about the most convenient rehabilitation time.
The necessary documents on admission in the  "NRC Vaivari":

  • Passport;
  • in case the rehabilitation services are covered by a third party a letter of guarantee from the institution/organization/ insurance;
  • physician’s conclusion about diagnosis ( advisable).