Reittherapy  ( hippotherapy) and  Therapeutic Horseback riding

Reittherapy is a treatment method where the main healer is a horse. This method can help to solve the medical, psychological and social problems in the process of medical rehabilitation.

In the training process when the rhythmical movements and the warmth of a horse go over to a patient:

  • a continuous training of rider’s muscles take place , 
  • muscular tonus is normalized ,
  • natural movement is stimulated and its activity is increased,
  • coordination and balance improve,
  • the gait stimulation and training take place,
  • patient’s  self-respect, self-control and independence are facilitated.

Reittherapy Unit offers:

  • Reittherapy activities for children and adults;
  • Therapeutic Horseback riding for children ;
  • Therapeutic Horseback riding:
    • activities in the manege;
    • activities in terrain;
  • Riding sports for people with special needs.

 Working hours of the new indoor, heated manege with a lift for patients:
 On week days  10.00 - 18.00,
 At weekends  10.00 -  15.00
Registration in advance by phone:

29415916, 29406955

 Everybody is kindly welcome!