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Things to take with you when going to NRC “Vaivari”


  • Personal identification documents (passport or identification card)
  • Referral by physical and rehabilitation doctor to NRC “Vaivari” (form No 0.27/u)
  • Copies of extracts from hospital
  • If the patient fee or other expenses are covered by another institution or organization, guarantee letter issued by this institution
  • If the patient is exempt from patient fees in accordance with the law, a copy of proof of belonging to the exempt category is required (original copy must be presented)
  • If a sick leave certificate has been emitted, a copy thereof shall also be submitted

Items needed for medical care:

  • Regular medicine
  • Hygiene items needed for patient care (diapers, panty-liners, wet wipes, etc., if used)

Clothing, shoes:

  • Clothes for exercise, sports shoes or shoes with a closed heel
  • Swimwear (swimsuit or trunks, swim hat, pool slippers, towel)
  • Change of shoes (without heel)
  • Comfortable clothes for wearing while at the department

Personal hygiene and daily items:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sponge
  • Comb
  • Women's or men’s personal hygiene items
  • Cup, spoon for tea


  • The departments are equipped with refrigerators for storage of food and drinking water dispensers in canteen areas.

NRC “Vaivari” offers the following for patient convenience:

  • Pharmacy (on the 1st floor)
  • Shop, selling physiotherapy items, orthoses, swimwear, food, drinks, newspapers/magazines, and household and hygiene items (on the 1st floor)
  • Library (on the 2nd floor)
  • Café (on the 1st floor)
  • Hairdresser/salon (on the 1st floor)

The centre provides a Wi-Fi connection and TVs in patient rooms.